About us

SLHT came to life for the first time, in the deepest thoughts and aspirations of Aman Behl, while he was travelling in China, in 2013.

SLHT stands for ”Simple Living – High Thinking” : it embodies all our core values such as honesty, pure, classic, heritage and fearless…

Aman is a pure denim addict, who worked for more than 12 years in the heart of the Denim world: he put together a small team who shares his passion.

Our denim are a tribute to men who follow their dreams and appreciate the simple things life has to offer…

Having spent of considerable amount of time in the design process, leaving no stone unturned, sourcing from one of the finest Japanese fabrics: Kurabo denim

… with numerous visits to laundries, washing and printing facilities,

… going through various designs to create, impeccable stitching, our clean inner beauty, our innovative smart phone pockets

we feel these styles truly reflect our personality and passion for what we do.

SLHT jeans is the brand of the future carrying all traditions along…

Hope you enjoy wearing these jeans, as much as we've enjoyed making them for you.